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An authority on competition related issues

“We highly appreciated over years George Musliu’s expertise in the complex and sensitive area of Competition. He is one of the very few professionals in this field who transformed his work into a real passion. His institutional experience with the Competition Council was a solid platform for exploring beyond the borders and frames, becoming one of the leading voices, an authority on competition related issues. Our encounters with George were mostly in the public debate arena and the most remarkable I would mention is the long dispute generated in 2005-2006 by an initiative coming from the Ministry of Finance on introducing the minimum price for tobacco. George’s voluntary involvement and the solid arguments he brought, as well as his professional reputation contributed decisively in clarifying this issue. As a result, the right decision was taken for the industry and- why not? - for the country: maintaining the level playing field and fair competition within the European mainstream”

Gilda Lazar

Corporate Affairs & Communications Director,

JTI Romania & Moldova

“I know Competition’s Consulting for many years and I truly believe that they are the best non-legal competition experts in the market, with highly qualified professionals, adaptable and business oriented.

Their view is essential to companies and is unmatchable for competition compliance programs or tackling competition investigation. We have worked together for many of our clients’ competition issues, especially in pharma, and they never lost sight of our long range goals, even under periods of high stress. They provided high level support when required, and accomplished professional results. Competition’s Consulting is Point Public Affairs’ strategic partner in competition issues, with an unmatched experience and expertise in the field.”

Laura Florea

Managing Partner, Point Public Affairs

“His dedication to our company's goals was remarkable, Mr. MUSLIU and his team getting actively involved in meeting deadlines and achieving, in an impeccable way, the undertaken professional tasks.

Dynamically involved in large projects in the SC ROMCARBON SA, Competition’s Consulting people proven their application in economic aspects of competition. The achievement in a professional manner of all objectives, correct and complete analysis made, based on organizational objectives and concrete ways to achieve them, have helped us to improve the company's activity and to remove some real risks.

We are really proud and privileged to work with them.”

Clement Hung

President of SC ROMCARBON SA

Highly qualified professionals

Have helped us to improve the company's activity

Led to a positive resolution of our case

“We have collaborated with Mr. George Musliu and the team he coordinates for a very important project for which we benefitted of professional and high-quality counseling, which led to a positive resolution of our case.

Based on this productive working experience, I consider Competition’s Consulting a very reliable and trusted business partner, with the necessary expertise to tackle complex issues and support business development.”

Cristian Colteanu

President & CEO Romania, Bulgaria & Republic of Moldova, General Electric International

“Competition’s Consulting is one of the premier antitrust firms. Excels in handling a full range of complex business issues and is especially good in dealing with the complex economic issues of competition law.

C’sC is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled approach by experienced specialists, and offer a special attention to detail and client communication within a small firm context on a more cost-effective basis than a big firm.

The team is comprised of professionals with strong credentials which promote progressive thinking and creative problem-solving capable for sophisticated solutions in antitrust investigations.”

Florina Tanase

Vice - President Legal A&D Pharma Group

“Competition's Consulting team has the great ability to understand the business environment in which their clients operate their constraints and their goals. Combined with an in-depth knowledge of the economic and legal aspects of competition, they are able to provide valuable service for their clients, offering pragmatically solutions to achieve the business purposes in full compliance with the applicable rules. They have also a particular strength, advising their clients not only how to comply with the competition rules, but also how to use the competition rules to develop the business.”

Florian Aldea, PhD


Good in dealing with economic issues of competition

In-depth knowledge of the economic and legal aspects of competition

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