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COMPETITION’S CONSULTING economics approach has been successfully used in many cases considered under competition law through microeconomics.

We draw a high efficiency on our approach also by

  • sharp definition of relevant markets, 

  • identifying and measuring market power,

  • identifying and assessing barriers to entry,

  • studying pricing patterns,

  • analyzing competitive effects,

  • quantifying economic harm or damages,

  • assessing efficiencies.

Economics of restrictions

For almost all industries, vertical agreements are necessary to define how companies distribute their products to consumers. Starting from this assessment, the necessity of detailed economic analysis is firmly assumed as key point for any legal assessment.

In this respect, vertical agreements could contain commercial restraints but out of restriction of competition in the sense intended by Article 5, Law 21/1996 or 101 TFEU. Competition’s Consulting provides economic arguments to establish that vertical restraints are not violating the legal prohibition of competition law. From this perspective, we have strong experience in analysing the impact of restraints on competition.

Many horizontal agreements and related competition law infringements apparently fall under Article 5, Law 21/1996, 101 TFEU. B

Microeconomics approach born valid economic questions as to demonstrate the benefits of such agreements.

If, for example, the restrictive agreement lead to economic benefits, such as improvements in the production or distribution of products or the promotion of technical or economic progress, the restrictions are indispensable to the attainment of the efficiency gains, consumers receive a fair share of the resulting efficiency gains attained by those restrictions and the agreement offer the parties no possible elimination of competition, we just pass beyond the appearance and proved the benefits of such an agreement.

Horizontal agreements

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Parallel trade restrictions

COMPETITION’S CONSULTING have the skills to assess the reality of an alleged of Parallel trade restriction and to act in the clients’ interest to prove that price differences across national markets could be also the result of other market distortions, out of undertakings control.

Based on our experience, we are very familiarly especially with the pharmaceutical market.

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